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03 Apr 2019


YOLK: Solar Cow

Solar Cow is a solar powered charging station installed in schools, that gives children enough power for when they go home to charge cell phones, run radios and lighting. When children arrive at school, they plug in their unique Power Milk battery and pick it up at the end of the day. The battery also has a unique ID giving information about the child’s attendance and by regularly attending school the child saves the family additional power costs at night. YOLK installed solar-powered charging stations called the Solar Cow, at school in Kenya and the product was so successful they are now rolling out Solar Cow internationally. One Solar Cow costs $10,000 and it consists of a solar panel, a storage battery, 248 units of power banks and 124 charging sockets for these power banks. 

Sales Enquiries:


Contact Shirley Lee from YOLK: s.l@yolkstation.com

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