Our zones are dedicated space for themes relevant across the whole of the event portfolio, designed to demonstrate innovative ideas, technology and initiatives.

This year there are three zones, the Drone Zone, Innovation Zone and NGO Zone. These spaces are to showcase innovations, products and stimulate key conversations.


Drone Zone

The commercial applications and market for drones continues to accelerate. The Drone Zone is a place to provide and watch live product demos, exchange knowledge and discuss the ever-expanding opportunities in this industry.

There will be a dedicated area for live drone flight to see the latest technology first hand.


NGO Zone

New changes and challenges have come to the NGO landscape but effectiveness, efficiency and transparency are as important as ever. Visit the NGO zone to discuss these crucial issues and more with industry leaders, academics and working professionals.


Innovation Zone

Looking to discuss the future of policy and technology? The Innovation Zone provides a platform for forward-thinking conversation about the opportunities and dangers that will shape the global landscape in the 21st century.


Whether it’s environmental, social or technological, this space is dedicated to innovative solutions to complex problems.

Drone Zone NGO Zone Innovation Zone
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